Monday, October 25, 2010

Past and Present

One of my favorite things about photography is that it periodically brings people back into my life that I may not otherwise have occasion to visit. Over and over again I find that I am blessed with the opportunity to re-connect, to see how people have grown (more than physically LOL) and for a small moment to once again share in the beauty of their lives. I had the pleasure of this kind of session last weekend - the grown son of a former boss (yes, a favorite boss). :-) I hadn't seen Tony since he was a teen, and now he is a man with a gorgeous family of his own (wow I feel OLD). After the shock of seeing how "Little Tony" has changed, we had the BEST time on this shoot - playing in the leaves, and exploring Mill Race Village in Northville. Little Braiden (3) is quite the model, following directions like a pro and always looking up with her beaming smile. Avery didn't always follow direction (hey, when you're 1 1/2 it's more important to EXPLORE), but she is such a sweet little thing and the camera loved her big blue eyes. I ended up with sooooo many incredible pics, I'm really excited to start editing. Picked out a few for a sneak peek - is this not the most gorgeous family you've ever seen??

The leaves are always a hit - LOVE fall!

Mom and Dad need a special shot of their own. Don't worry Tony, I'm saving the embarrassing shot for later LOL
Peek a boo!!!

And there is nothing better than a daddy with his daughter....pure sweetness.

Tony and Richelle, thank you so much for allowing me to spend this time with your family, you made my heart smile. :-) Hope you guys enjoyed the sneak peek - there are many more pics to come, I will keep you posted...

What's up next for Tressie Davis Photography? Well, Halloween is right around the corner, and I plan to spend the weekend with my own little goblins. I have a handful of projects slated for November, including a family shoot, website pics for Common Bond Basketball and maybe, just maybe I will FINALLY finish my new website. Stay tuned!

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