Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank You Cards

Shutterfly has some really cute cards this year - check out the Thank You note cards I made for my by Judi Morrissey Photography

Fun stuff!!

Make The Mantel Holiday Thank You 3x5 folded card
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Past and Present

One of my favorite things about photography is that it periodically brings people back into my life that I may not otherwise have occasion to visit. Over and over again I find that I am blessed with the opportunity to re-connect, to see how people have grown (more than physically LOL) and for a small moment to once again share in the beauty of their lives. I had the pleasure of this kind of session last weekend - the grown son of a former boss (yes, a favorite boss). :-) I hadn't seen Tony since he was a teen, and now he is a man with a gorgeous family of his own (wow I feel OLD). After the shock of seeing how "Little Tony" has changed, we had the BEST time on this shoot - playing in the leaves, and exploring Mill Race Village in Northville. Little Braiden (3) is quite the model, following directions like a pro and always looking up with her beaming smile. Avery didn't always follow direction (hey, when you're 1 1/2 it's more important to EXPLORE), but she is such a sweet little thing and the camera loved her big blue eyes. I ended up with sooooo many incredible pics, I'm really excited to start editing. Picked out a few for a sneak peek - is this not the most gorgeous family you've ever seen??

The leaves are always a hit - LOVE fall!

Mom and Dad need a special shot of their own. Don't worry Tony, I'm saving the embarrassing shot for later LOL
Peek a boo!!!

And there is nothing better than a daddy with his daughter....pure sweetness.

Tony and Richelle, thank you so much for allowing me to spend this time with your family, you made my heart smile. :-) Hope you guys enjoyed the sneak peek - there are many more pics to come, I will keep you posted...

What's up next for Tressie Davis Photography? Well, Halloween is right around the corner, and I plan to spend the weekend with my own little goblins. I have a handful of projects slated for November, including a family shoot, website pics for Common Bond Basketball and maybe, just maybe I will FINALLY finish my new website. Stay tuned!

Oh Baby!

Take a peek at this precious little bundle! All bendy, soft and sweet - and for once a new little one that mostly slept through the session and didn't pee on me even once (yay). :-) Almost makes me want another...not really LOL, I'll just share in the joy of my beautiful client newborns. :-)
Britney and Shawn you are truly blessed, thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your gorgeous little girl!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Costume Fun

Halloween is one of the BEST parts of fall, and the highlight for me is finding out what my kiddos want to dress up as. This year, I have a Soccer Referee, a Sleestak and a SWAT Officer. You heard that right, LOL No way we can let a photo op like that last weekend we scheduled a costume shoot. I invited my friend Kathy and her daughter Candis came along, and we headed out to a local park to take advantage of the beautiful fall color.

My beautiful little Allie is the sleestak. Is she not the cutest little swamp monster you ever did see?

Dom doesn't have a costume, but I had to torture him with a pic since he was there :-)
Miss Riley is a soccer referee...I'm guessing the whistle may have to be "lost" after Halloween...

Robby is a Swat Officer. Or as he calls it, a "wee ooo". He was really excited to find that his costume included a working flashlight. Criminals better watch out when Officer Robby is on duty!!

Last but not least, a couple shots of Candis...a Queen and a perfect little model. We had so much fun throwing leaves, and twirling in the grass.

Thanks Kathy and Candis for hanging out at the park with us, I know it's kind of chaotic but we loved having you!

Lots more recent pics to get through and blog...a wedding slideshow for Jeff and Jenean coming up, as well as pics from Jen Alder's Autumn Love workshop that I attended. Lots of new sessions coming up too, it is officially the photography crazy season! Stay tuned....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jeff & Jenean Got Hitched

Congratulations Jeff and Jenean!!! I am honored that you chose me to document your special day. Jeff, I am so happy for you, that you found someone deserving of your kindness and love, you are an awesome guy and could not have chosen a better wife (enjoy the compliment now, it will be business as usual back in the office LOL). Jenean, I knew you were perfect the day we met at lunch - funny, kind, smart and strong - keep him in line, ok?? HUGE HUGS to both of you!!
A special thanks to my second shooter Jennifer Alder (you know you rock) and to Meghan Innes for assisting with so many details (like making sure the photographers didn't get hit by cars). Thank you to everyone for being so sweet and so much fun!
Here is a small sneak peek of an incredibly beautiful and very special wedding...soooo many more images to come! (This was just to keep Meghan from coming after me, hopefully it buys me some time - ha ha).
In addition to this sneak peek, be sure to check out Jen Alder's Blog post for more images from this gorgeous wedding - LOVE working with her!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Claire - Class of 2011

Am loving the class of 2011 - Claire, I had so much FUN on our shoot! Though I am generally a planner, there is something to be said for spontaneity and I adore the freedom and joy that I see in your images. Thank you for being such a good sport when I asked you to roll around on the ground and other funny stuff...and I'm pretty happy that you didn't fall in the river while turning around on the fallen tree LOL. Here is the sneak peek I promised, more images to follow...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meet Clint

Meet Clint - a responsible, hard working and intelligent young man. A young man who considers computers, cell phones and other technology a distraction, he puts his efforts into setting and achieving the life goals he has set for himself. Clint plans on joining the Navy after graduation, and works out as often as possible to prepare for the demanding physical requirements of the Navy. He works part time after school in addition to studying for the ASVAB (the entrance exam for the Navy), all while maintaining straight A's at Chelsea High School. Clint aspires to become part of a Navy dive rescue team, and hopes one day to become a Navy SEAL.
Clint, I am proud to know that upstanding, patriotic young men like you are entering the armed forces to represent and protect our country. Here is a sneak peek of your senior session...