Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun Stuff, Coming Soon and Personal Goals

Long time no blogpost, eh? One of those times where "life" is getting in the way I much going on, and not a lot of time to dedicate to my trusty blog. Here is my way over due update...and a long one because of my neglect :-)

New Fun stuff: I signed up on Formspring - you can now ask me anything...anonymously. I will try to answer each and every question...but I reserve the right to be ambiguous LOL. Wanna know my secrets? Check out the box on the right side of my blog, and go ahead, ask me anything you want to know about me, or about my photography! Or go directly to Formspring and search for vsprink, my formspring page.

Coming Soon:

My Florida vacation - plan on seeing lots of fun family shots, and nature! I will hopefully blog it by the end of April (need time for editing LOL). Lots of plans in the works to expand my photographic horizons while on vacation.

I have signed up for a workshop at the end of next month with the incredibly talented Jennifer Alder. Some of you may already know that she is my sweet friend and I adore working with her - check out Jen's Winter Wedding blogpost for the wedding we shot together last month...this time, rather than strictly working we will get to play (well I will anyway, LOL). Models and Make Up Artists and other Talented Photogs...Oh My!! I will be sure to blog about the workshop...including my sneak attack snapshots I take of the other photographers. :-)

Basketball - HS Basketball is over, Common Bond tryouts are March 21...brace yourself for blog posts of ACTION from try outs through Nationals in July.

I have booked a date to photograph a litter of puppies, how fun is that? The session will be roughly the first week of June (assuming all goes as planned). Location TBD but probably near a body of water...if anyone has any creative props/posing ideas please let me know - and keep an eye on this blog the month of June for the results of that session. Hm...and maybe a 2011 calendar...

On Meeting 2 Personal Goals:

Goal 1) Get Organized. I have an ipod touch. I am not that into music that I would really need an ipod, but I bought it to help get me organized. Seriously. :-) And it has been one of the best things EVER. If you have never heard of ToodleDo, go check it out. For FREE, you can open an account and keep a to do list online - that you can organize by category/folders, assign due dates to, reminders, prioritize, link to do's to goals (remember the old Franklin planners? YES) and all other manner of cool stuff including linking to do's and reminders to your google calendar. For $2.99 you can purchase the iphone/ipod touch app to sync your online toodledo to your ipod/iphone touch and keep your to do list with you and reference it/update it anywhere. It has seriously saved my sanity!! If your life is complicated (like mine!) and you need even more from your to do list, you can upgrade to a paid account (the most expenive is $30 per year) that lets you create sub-tasks within your todo's, and keep history forever (rather than the limits on the free version) and 1gb of space for documents related to your to do's.

Goal 2) Lose Weight. A lofty goal for many of us yes? And how on earth would my ipod touch help me with that? In the form of a food diary, and tracking calories to ensure that I burned more than I consumed. Here I am 15 lbs lighter in 2 1/2 months, and I owe it to the App called "LoseIt". I entered my age, my current weight, what I wanted to weigh and a target date, and within healthy guidelines (up to 2 lbs a week), "Lose It" told me how many net calories I could eat in a day and meet my goal. So, with no exercise, I could eat only X number of calories, if I exercised 300 calories off I could eat X + 300 calories that day and still meet my goal. I have to admit, I was HUNGRY...but it works, and it encouraged me to exercise so that I could eat more LOL. It includes tons of foods and exercises, but you can also enter custom foods and exercises. No cheating...

Facebook: If you are on Facebook, please be sure to visit my Tressie Davis Photography page and become a fan!

Photo of the Day 3/12/10 - Wishful Thinking over at Digital Image Cafe - I especially appreciated this POTD, since I have not been entering contests as much in the last month or so and just started up again. Not only that, but I am putting effort toward expanding my photographic vision beyond portraits. Not because I don't still love portraits - I do! But because photography is my passion, and to feed that passion I must continue to learn and push my own boundaries. Still life is NOT a strong suit for me, so I was very excited about this shot.

Happy Spring Everyone!!