Thursday, December 27, 2007


I got a Lensbaby for Christmas!! I'm still figuring out how to use it, but what fun! :-) Here are a couple of pics...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Half Birthday

I can not believe that my baby boy is 6 months old already!! And yet, on December 21 he celebrated his "half birthday". Robby is still just the sweetest little thing - so easy going and quick with a smile. I took this opportunity to photograph all of my little blessings...check it out!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


It snowed!!! Lots and lots of snow!! It was too windy to stay out for long, but Allie and I went out and jumped around for a few minutes. Below are a few pics...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I am fully booked for the remainder of 2007, please contact me for my 2008 schedule!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Five Months Old

Papa's namesake is 5 months old!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Robert Allen Davis 1946 - 2007

As some of you may already know, my father in law passed away on Saturday. I am at a loss for words, so I will let his below obituary speak to what a man of strength, character and substance he was. He will be missed more than anyone will ever know, and I am honored for my youngest son to carry his name. All my love to you Katy, and the rest of the family - we will get through this very difficult time together.

Davis, Robert Allen - age 61’Bob’ to most people, ’B.D.’ to his adoring wife of 37 years Katy, died November 10, 2007 at home peacefully surrounded by his loving family, after a long and exhausting battle with lymphoma. He was born in Ottawa, Ohio June 2, 1946, the son of Abraham and Rosemary Davis (Uffenorde). He and his sister, Judy Henn (Ken) grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and he graduated from Oak Hill High School in 1964. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Math from Eastern Kentucky University in 1969. On September 5, 1970 , he married Kathleen Mary (Williams) Davis. She survives along with three amazing children: Kimberly Christine Davis of Chelsea, Michigan, Robert William Davis (Tressie) of Chelsea, Michigan, and Sean William Davis (Janelle) of Dublin, California. And his six grandchildren who were the light of his life, especially in the last few months: Dominic (13), Grace (6), Riley (5), Dean (2), Alex (2), and the littlest angel Robert Allen Davis II (4 months).He founded Pilot Industries, Incorporated in 1977 and grew the company from one employee to 3000 employees and 10 plants world-wide over 25 years. He served on the Board of Trustees of Chelsea Hospital, eventually rising to Chairman. He was a man of the utmost honor, and impeccable integrity. He worked 16 hours a day for many years, but never once missed any of his children’s activities. He loved to fish, taking his children on many fondly remembered fishing adventures in Canada. And he had an absolute passion for basketball! He played in several leagues up until the time of his illness and received great satisfaction from the competition as well as the camaraderie of his fellow players. He was a six foot six inch ’phenom’ at 60 years of age, with a sweet little hook shot that nobody could stop. Bob was a gentle and tender man, loved by everyone who knew him, and so amazingly unique. In a book by Ayn Rand, someone asks, ’Who is John Galt?’ This was John Galt, Bob Davis a man who moved the motor of the world and celebrated excellence in all around him. To everyone he met, he was a mentor, a life coach, a friend and an inspiration. He will be so incredibly missed. Wherever his new adventure takes him, he will be fishing, playing basketball, and hunting for stray golf balls with his pants rolled up. Somewhere he is smiling and caring for us all. Funeral services will be Friday, at 2:00 p.m. at the Staffan-Mitchell funeral home located at 901 N. Main St., Chelsea, MI. Expressions of sympathy may be made to the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society. The family will receive friends at the funeral home on Thursday form 2-4 and 6-8 p.m.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Robby is 4 Months Old Today

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Congratulations Sean and Janelle!!

You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. ~Author Unknown

Congratulations Sean and Janelle, all the best to you - we love you!!!

I have a lot of proofing to do, but here is a sneak peak of your photos....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Robby is Three Months Old!!!

My little Robby turned three months old yesterday!! I can't believe how fast the time is flying...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by the sweet and talented Megan Peck (thanks Megan!), who requests that I tell you 8 (interesting?) things about myself. Here goes...

1) Tressie is my real name - it's not short for anything. I'm named after my great grandmother, who was a full blood Cherokee Indian.

2) I'm terrified of airplanes. Stomach churning, close your eyes and clench your teeth terrified during take off, landing and any turbulance. Not even public speaking compares. :-)

3) I'm a compulsive list maker. For work, for home, for my kids, groceries...I'm not sure I'd remember to get up in the morning without my list of To Do's! I keep so many lists that I never finish crossing off the items on any of them.

4) I can curl my toes under my feet and walk on them. Weird, I know. I haven't done it for years, and out of the blue my two year old started walking like that. Weird again.

5) I was a Break Dancer when I was a teenager. Yep, cardboard on the basketball court, boom box jammin', hangin' wit da homies break dancin'. I still love dancing, and was bummed when my gym stopped offering hip hop classes.

6) Bad grammar and words used out of context is a pet peeve of mine - especially in business emails. Typos and some spelling errors I can handle (and I certainly make some mistakes myself!), but I get worked up when people use the wrong to/too/two or there/their/they're. Absence/Absents? Principal/Principle? Accept/Except? I have to take a deep breath and stay away from red pencils. :-)

7) I'm obsessed with ice cream, but only the "good" kind - Haagan Daas...mmm.... And I'm cursed with a Maggie Moo's next to my place of employment - I'm never going to lose the last 10 lbs from my pregnancy!

8) My fourth child was born June 21, 2007. He is a very special little boy, named after a very special person in our lives - my father in law. It is an honor for my son to carry the name Robert Allen Davis II. I pray that he will grow up to be as strong, kind hearted, intelligent, honest and loving a person as his namesake. The attached photo is my baby boy with his Papa, his namesake.

That's all folks!

I would have tagged Alli Gaulin, but Megan already got her.

So I tag.....

Laura O'Connor

Trula Muir

You're it!

Yay! :-)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten

My little girl is growing up!! Today was her first day of kindergarten...I took her out for ice cream after school to celebrate.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Celebrating Adoption

I just joined an organization called Celebrating Adoption - a national organization of professional photographers dedicated to promoting and celebrating adoption. Families that have adopted a child are eligible to receive a free portrait session of that child, and a free set of 4x6 proofs of the session (session must be completed within one year after the adoption)

If you know of anyone who has recently adopted (or plans to), please let them know of this opportunity! I would love to be the participating photographer to offer my services to adopting families in the Chelsea/Ann Arbor area - please contact me! Those outside of the Chelsea/Ann Arbor area need only to visit the Celebrating Adoption website ( to find a local participating photographer, then contact the photographer to schedule the session. (Because each photographer will need to limit the complimentary sessions per month, it is best for family’s to call well in advance for their Celebrating Adoption session.)

I can't wait to meet my first adopting family!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Workshop Time!

Well, I'm off today to the Jessica Hughes Workshop in Oklahoma! Can't wait - there will be so many talented photographers there, and I'm so excited to be a part of it. To see some of Jessica's work, check out her website here

I won't return until late Monday night, so will try to post later on next week. Till then.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two Months Old

My little man is two months old today!!! Where did the time go? Here are a few of his "two month birthday" photos...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Being Two

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. ~Stacia Tauscher

Terrible Two's? Nope! Two is too, too FUN!! Lots of personality was the order of this shoot...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An Angel

Angels descending, bring from above,
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.
~Fanny J. Crosby
This little angel is my niece, at our photoshoot yesterday - what a beauty!!