Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slides at Nana's!

My MIL recently had water slides built at the edge of her how cool is this? Party at Nana's!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recent Photo Contest Wins

Another round of recent Photo Contest Wins...four photos, two little girls. The models made these pics :-)

"Little Friends" Digital Image Cafe People Photo of the Day 7/29/09

"My Girl" Shutterbugs Black and White Photo of the Day 7/28/09

"Quack!" Shutterbugs People Photo of the Day 7/15/09

"Repose" BetterPhoto Finalist, People category June, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meet Another Photog Friend

This past Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with another photographer friend to do her family portraits. Judi M is not from Michigan, but visits every summer so we made plans to hook up while she was here. She invited my kiddos too, and I took the girls with me. Judi's family was a joy to work with - I can always tell the difference in photographers kids...they emote on cue LOL. Her little ones are sweet, charming, and oh so cute!!! Once the family pics were done, we turned her kids and my girls loose to play - they swam and fished and had a good ole time. When it was time to leave, Riley asked if we could come back tomorrow....then on the way home she said she wished C lived in Michigan so we could hang out with them more often. :-) Here are a handful of Judi's family pics, as well as some snaps of the kiddos playing.... (Judi's DH took the pic of Judi and me together)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

LOVE my Photog Friends!

My friend Trula visits Michigan from Missouri every summer, and we always make an effort to get together while she is here. Seems like it gets harder every year - but I am so thankful that Trula fits me in to her vacation schedule! This year, I am especially thankful, because Trula took the time to do my family pictures for easy feat when there are SIX of us (one of which is a "terrible two", and another a teenager LOL). Patience is a virtue, I know, but I am on pins and needles now until I see those family pics...I am soooo excited, because these will be the first ones since Robby was born that will have been taken without the self timer. And as any of you photogs out there know...self timers are, um, "difficult" with any age group that does not "get" that they need to look at the camera until it clicks LMAO.

SO - I don't have any of MY family pics to show you (yet), but while we were together I also took pics of Trula and her daughter Sarah. Two of the kindest, sweetest people you will ever meet. Every time I see Trula it makes me wish she lived closer, and Sarah might just be the most charming young lady I have ever met! Below are a few pics of them. Love and Hugs Trula!!