Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Costume Fun

Halloween is one of the BEST parts of fall, and the highlight for me is finding out what my kiddos want to dress up as. This year, I have a Soccer Referee, a Sleestak and a SWAT Officer. You heard that right, LOL No way we can let a photo op like that slide...so last weekend we scheduled a costume shoot. I invited my friend Kathy and her daughter Candis came along, and we headed out to a local park to take advantage of the beautiful fall color.

My beautiful little Allie is the sleestak. Is she not the cutest little swamp monster you ever did see?

Dom doesn't have a costume, but I had to torture him with a pic since he was there :-)
Miss Riley is a soccer referee...I'm guessing the whistle may have to be "lost" after Halloween...

Robby is a Swat Officer. Or as he calls it, a "wee ooo". He was really excited to find that his costume included a working flashlight. Criminals better watch out when Officer Robby is on duty!!

Last but not least, a couple shots of Candis...a Queen and a perfect little model. We had so much fun throwing leaves, and twirling in the grass.

Thanks Kathy and Candis for hanging out at the park with us, I know it's kind of chaotic but we loved having you!

Lots more recent pics to get through and blog...a wedding slideshow for Jeff and Jenean coming up, as well as pics from Jen Alder's Autumn Love workshop that I attended. Lots of new sessions coming up too, it is officially the photography crazy season! Stay tuned....

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