Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old St Mary's / Mount Calvary

Well I needed to take a break from editing vacation photos, and move on to some of the other exciting things I've been doing - I'll just have to get back to the vacation photos later. :-)

I was invited by a friend and fellow photog Brian Lantis to visit and photograph an old cemetery in Chelsea, MI. I worked hard to find some history and / or a story on the cemetery, but either there isn't much on the web or my search skills are lacking as I was unable to find anything. Brian indicated that the cemetery is called "Old St. Mary's" or "Mount Calvary", and many of the graves were moved to Mt Olivet when it opened.

My Riley came with us to explore, and before we explored the cemetery itself, we walked into the wooded expanse behind it to see an old car that Brian knew was there. This ended up being Riley's favorite part of the entire trip - a neglected little piece of history out in the middle of nowhere. Who knew you once had to roll up car windows by hand with those wierd little handles? LOL

After investigating every detail of the car, we went back to the cemetery, where Riley was fascinated by the writing on the stones, the way that the stones have changed over the years and the fact that some are so weathered that you can no longer see any writing at all.

This cemetery is certainly not forgotten, as there are US flags on the graves of veterans and a few stones have been replaced with newer versions. However, there is also evidence of vandals in the form of broken and toppled stones, as well as cans and other trash in the wooded area beyond the cemetery where it appears that kids have probably been "hanging out".

As the sun lowered in the sky, I tried to add sunflare to my shots and to capture this wonderful place as it appeared to me, I wanted to photograph the site in a meaningful and respectful way. My images do not do this incredibly beautiful place justice, but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy...



Anonymous said...

I love the hopefulness of the old stone and the new young plants growing alongside. Beautiful images!

Megan said...

This place is right by my house and I have only been there twice. I used to work for the DNR and the first time I went there was this past summer. I just went to show it to my family today. I did not notice that car in the woods though! That would be so interesting to see. I tried to look up some history, too and could not find anything. I have heard that there used to be a church there, too. I wonder where I could find some information...Thanks for this post. It was really neat.


Unknown said...

My pleasure Megan. I should really try to get out there in the fall, or when there is snow...for a different perspective :) Thanks for your comment!