Sunday, April 25, 2010

SeaWorld 2010

Note: Sometimes the videos do not show up on phones and mobile devices - if you want to see the video please visit my blog from your PC!! :-)

Just when you thought you were safe, here I am uploading more vacation shots LOL. I can't help myself, we had soooo much fun at SeaWorld in Orlando and I did my best to capture the day. We took the VIP tour, and got to feed dolphins, sea lions and sting rays; we rode roller coasters and watched shows...a very good day. Some of the video clip credit must go to my dear husband (thanks Rob!) and our awesome tour guide (thank you Nicole!!), check out the resulting movie:

And if you have just 30 seconds more, here is a video of my trip with Alex (some Mommy/Allie time!) to the Calusa Nature center. Just a short clip of that day.

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