Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Day at the Park

Last week Sunday my friend Stacey and I (Dom took our picture!) decided to have a picnic at the park with our kiddos. It started out as a comedy of errors - cold and rainy, pizza place closed, we forgot plates LOL, but it ended up being a really fun time. I got there first with my kiddos, and I turned them loose to play while we waited for Stace. First thing Robby does is climb to the top of the structure and sit in a giant puddle up there. Then he went down the wet slide. Ack. Well at least it was dry for everyone else!

Dom was cracking up because everytime anyone would walk by (male/female/dogs/geese) Robby would look at them and say "Hi Daddy!". The ducks thought we were going to feed them, the people were mostly confused and would either stare or giggle. :-)

Stacey arrived with her kiddos and we ate lunch (while fending off wild mutant ducks) and chatted while the kids were distracted for a minute. It's easy to lose track of time, and Stace and I hadn't really talked in forever so we had a lot to get caught up on!

The highlight of the afternoon was when we took a walk to the bridge, and the kiddos spent time throwing rocks into the water.

Got some cute pics of Dom and Robby walking hand in hand, then Robby and Allie. I love it when they take care of baby boy. Other than the chance shots, the kids weren't too interested in posing for pics (shocker, right?), but allowed me some time when I took pics of them jumping high in the air. Everyone got a turn but Robby - he was still busy throwing rocks.

So it was only a few hours, but I really enjoyed it - got to chat with Stacey, see our kids be a little crazy, time for some CUTE pics. I need to do this more often!!

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Anonymous said...

Great photo record of a day spent with friends and family. Love the photo of Dom and Robbie on the bridge, but they're all great. Karol