Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time Out

Take time out to relax and do fun things and give yourself a break from worrying about your responsibilities. Everyone says it's good for you - even the internet, so it must be true. I try to take that advice, but anyone that knows me will tell you that I'm not a person that relaxes very well. I actually enjoy being busy, so I suppose my relaxation must come in a form that allows me to be busy without having anything to do with responsibility.

I love photography. I do a lot of photography for other people. A lot. 'Photography For Other People' comes with it's own set of pressures and responsibilities. I never saw that coming...because if you do what you love, everything else falls into place, right? Not always.

In an effort to bring back the love, the fun, and a little sanity in my otherwise chaotic life, I am going to reserve time to create images because I want to. I will broaden my horizons, stretch new creative muscles and immerse myself in creating images for the pure joy of it. I will take pictures of things that do not have eyes - an immense challenge for me, as portraiture is what comes most naturally to me.

With my new resolution in mind, I attended a Meetup with the Ann Arbor Shutterbugs at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Had a great time working side by side with other amazing local photographers, no pressure, just fun. Check out a few of my favorite images below!

(Ok, so some of the subjects have eyes...I can't help it)


Judi Morrissey said...

love, love, love these!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Judi!! :)