Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snow Angels

Wow, my poor neglected blog...was my last post really in November?? The crush of the holidays and ramp up of basketball must have caused me to lose track of time, but....I'm baaack! And with a resolution to do more creative, fun stuff with my photography in 2011 (and hopefully keep my blog updated LOL).

With that resolution in mind (back in December, I was early!), I posted a notice on FB that I was looking for other creative souls that were interested in collaborating or anyone that had great ideas....local photographer Meredith Phillips' simple response "snow angels!" was the planted seed that resulted in my first creative collaboration of 2011.

Kelsey Wonsavage and Amanda Kern served as Angels, and the multi-talented Maria Kesto of MAK Styles did hair and make up (as well as joined in on the photography fun). Kristina Opal Designs provided Kelsey's gown, transforming an old Victoria's Secret nightgown into ethereal, flowing angel-wear. Meredith Phillips joined me in scouting locations, brainstorming poses and shooting images.

Meredith's idea to move our shooting down to the dirt road resulted in one of my favorite images of Kelsey. LOVE this image, so sassy!!

The winter sun and low camera point of view provided the ethereal glow for this shot of Amanda, another fav so far.

Some fun shots, including the use of my new fish-eye (yay!)
And a few close ups of the angelic beauties

These behind the scenes images show Maria working her magic. Kelsey was styled first while Amanda cuddled with Molly, then Amanda's turn for styling. :)

We were soooooo fortunate to have a LOT of snow, and then a virtual February heat wave of 47 degrees the day of the shoot. Unfortunately that made for some wet you can see by the back of my pants (it's melted snow, I swear!). It was awesome though, for being able to stay outside and shoot without danger of frostbite. Below Image of me shooting courtesy of Meredith Phillips.

Sooooo much fun!!! BRAVO to everyone involved, you are all completely AMAZING and I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with you again in the future.

Also a huge thank you to my mother in law Katy Davis for allowing us to use her home and property, it was perfect.

Up next for Tressie Davis Photography? Wedding Bells for Skip and Mary, and another creative collaboration. Stay tuned.....

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