Monday, February 25, 2008

One Day Vacation

I recently had the "Golden" opportunity to spend a day in San Francisco (pun intended) :-) Sean and Janelle were fantastic hosts, and had the entire day mapped out for me with plenty of surprises - we did and saw so much there is no way I can get it all in one blog post. The Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, the seals at Pier 39, the "Full House" row houses, the beach, Alcatraz, flowers, a windmill and on and on. Even a little shopping spree. My hosts didn't even crab (too much) about getting up early! Of course Sean made up for it with his colorful language when he missed his exit - can't post that video on this family oriented blog LOL! Thank you so much Sean and Janelle for making my visit the best photo op it could be - you guys ROCK!
Here are a few pics from my visit:

That's me, on the left - yay for self timers!

Look at Sean and Janelle, aren't they sooo cute????

Caught at the FCUK store - tee hee hee!

Foggy city view? Brrrrrr it was cold by the water!!!

The catch of the day?

Tsunami Evactuation Route?? Eek!

Oh, and here ya go - a pic that Janelle took of me. Ok, so I was too short to get a good angle on the bridge, and the concrete column didn't help much. Had to try. :-)

Peace out til next time homies.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I was in San Francisco not too long ago, too, but unfortunately, I did not get to take many pictures because we rushed through and I was with non photographers who were in a hurry. I lobed seeing your shots. Wish I could have taken my time and taken some better pix--I was shooting out the window of a MOVING CAR! LOL!

Lots of cool pix here! Love the bridge shots.